Welcome To Directional Input

Playing video games is like my own personal therapy. They regularly provoke things in me that other mediums can barely scratch. Anger, joy, fear, elation, total confusion. And sometimes, they’re just really fucking cool. They are enablers for the heightened sense of NOSTALGIA, aswell as the cause of wild anticipation. They are social connectors, anti-social […]

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Persona 5

JRPG’s have always been somewhat of an enigma to me. Of the many genres of games out there, they’re the ones I want to like the most. There are so many things about JRPG’s that are instantly appealing to me. Eye catching character designs and art styles, often with gorgeous anime aesthetics, the vast inviting […]

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Who Is I?

Quickfire round. A scattering of stuff about me that may or may not be relevant to this blog. My names Mike, I’m roughly in my 30’s, I live in the South of England with a wife, a daughter and a cat. We all enjoy playing video games. I’ve been gaming solidly since the early 90’s […]

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